“…I’ve learned that oftentimes, secrets or untold truths can be the root of many great people’s demise.  By boldly living out individual authenticity and truth⁠—no matter how outrageous⁠—we defuse the ability for others to use our past against us.”  -Susan E Foster

“Scars are but a memory without the feeling and shame attached. Scars remind us we learned something and had the courage to move on.  Our scars are what we use to encourage others. Embrace them.”  -Susan E Foster

Break Free From Narcissists and Domestic Abuse

Too many counselors and “experts” have no real knowledge of how neighborhood narcissists and sociopaths operate because narcissism and the tactics narcissists use are often not taught in psychology courses. Just because they have a license, a PhD, or a certain title does not mean a counselor has a clue about these people…Experience with an abuser can be radically unique from one person to the next, depending on how and why the web is spun.

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What an amazing brave story, makes all of us wonder what we have witnessed and really never stood up to this type of abuse. Thank you so much for being so brave.

Debra Steward
Debra Steward

What an amazing family to get through this horrible experience, thank you for helping us recognize there is abuse out there people are willing to keep silent about.

Thomas Moore
Thomas Moore

Susan E Foster Story

“I call them ‘Charming Impossibles”—charming is their deceptive invisible mask and convincing lure. Impossible to satisfy is their secret weapon or intentional method of manipulation and control.”